O’Chicken The Untold Story

There’s a reason why the saying “Old is Gold” resonates so much with everyone! Old things especially recipes have a charm of their own and always include a secret. Here’s such a special chicken preparation from a small village of Himachal. What’s so special about this Chicken? Well, it is made without oil. Is it even possible? Here’s the Story behind this delectable dish.

The legend had it that this recipe was born when villagers were stuck in the jungle late at night and with nothing but wild chicken with them. Left with no choice, with hunger getting better of them, they decided to cook wild chicken they had with them. The villagers set the chicken with limited resources that they could find from around. Some natural herbs were ground and the chicken was marinated and cooked on simmering flames without oil for hours. When it was finally done, the results were astonishing! The taste and flavor of this recipe were delicious and beyond anything that they had ever tasted! Soon, this recipe becomes popular among the villagers and cooked often during festivities. This ancient unique recipe is still cooked in some parts of Himachal today.

To introduce you to a new healthy herbal organic style of cooking, we have come up with O’Chicken, where we bring traditional recipes to you. Enjoy a healthy and lip-smacking chicken that is made without oil.